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5 ‘Under the Radar’ Real Estate Markets for 2022

Jun 3, 2022

Profitable real estate markets require a few things: strong population, rent growth, appreciation, and favorable demographic factors. Over the past decade, real estate markets like Denver, Austin, and Raleigh became the head-turning underdogs with their massive population growth, rent growth, job growth, and appreciation. Now, these markets look like stable, yet saturated, picks. So, where can the savvy investor go next to maximize their profit?

Dave Meyer, VP of Data and Analytics at BiggerPockets, and newest Instagram celebrity (@thedatadeli) has dug through the demographic and geographic data to find the five most promising cities to invest in this year. Dave looked at factors like rent price, rent growth, appreciation, population growth, income growth, and demographic trends to build his list of potential money-maker markets.

While Dave can’t promise you that these markets will 10x your investment, he can say with some certainty that all these cities are looking strong. Your next move? Get educated (on BiggerPockets.com), get connected, get financing, and get going!

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7 Steps to Hit an Impossible Target in 2022

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0:00 New Year, New Real Estate Opportunities!
1:42 Finding “Under the Radar” Markets
3:25 Key Variables to Look At
4:54 1. Conroe, Texas
7:35 2. Fort Myers, Florida
9:24 3. Buckeye, Arizona
10:32 4. Frisco, Texas
12:00 5. Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

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This news story originally appeared at Real Estate - Trend Magazine on 3 June 2022