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Advanced Spinal Care & Rehabilitation , a leader in relieving chronic joint pain, announces their latest case studies.

Jun 16, 2022

Advanced Spinal Care & Rehabilitation

Dr. Tyson Pottenger, Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Tyson Pottenger, Chiropractic Physician

Chronic Joint Pain Relief

Chronic Joint Pain Relief

Our team shares excitement and passion for helping people feel their absolute best. We do this through chiropractic health and rehabilitation, and integrated services that treat your entire being.”

— Dr. Tyson Pottenger Chiropractic Physician

COSHOCTON, OH, USA, June 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Advanced Spinal Care and Rehabilitation is an integrated medical facility that specializes in non-opioid pain relief with a focus on chronic joint pain with therapies that help maximize joint pain relief and improve our patient’s overall health and wellness. Whether our patients are looking to improve their mobility or seek relief from chronic pain, Advanced Spinal Care and Rehabilitation is here to help on their journey. The medically licensed staff at Advanced Spinal Care & Rehabilitation is here to administer only the latest cutting-edge therapies while our patients enjoy a clean, comfortable, and relaxed environment.

Advanced Spinal Care and Rehabilitation announces our latest patient case studies and testimonials. They can be found at advancedspinalcareandrehab.com.

Led by Dr. Tyson Pottenger, the Advanced Spinal Care and Rehabilitation team believes in treating our patients in an integrated and comprehensive way after evaluating all the components of their unique health needs. We always focus on evidence-based care and personalized health programs. From addressing back pain, neck pain, and headaches to helping our patients reduce their stress, we are here to help the patients achieve their health goals. And our team always works to improve patients’ quality of life through non-surgical restoration and rejuvenation.

Located in Coshocton, Ohio, our team is passionate about helping our patients regain and maintain their health and helping our patients feel their absolute best. We do this through the appropriate treatment they may need – from chiropractic care to specialized therapies.

At Advanced Spinal Care and Rehabilitation, we are truly changing how people think about “Health Care” by providing health care with a difference.

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Advanced Spinal Care and Rehabilitation
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