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Calgary Real Estate Market Update – June 2022

Jun 19, 2022

The market has been so hot all year… but will the Calgary real estate market continue like this into the summer? Are we seeing the market starting to slump and slow like all the news outlets are saying? The real estate market in Calgary hasn’t seen price increases like this is in years, so if you want to discuss this in more detail, book a call ☎ with us: https://calendly.com/chamberlain-real-estate-group/15-min-call

What to watch next: https://youtu.be/y-N_y2EPDos

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00:00 Calgary real estate market – June 2022
00:38 CREB Market Report
04:16 Month over month Calgary Prices
05:24 Sales vs New Listings
06:37 Months of inventory
08:09 Month over month percentage price
09:09 Number of listings per month
10:12 Number of sales per month
11:05 SE quadrant stats

Originally published at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9wCPwKjEMU

This news story originally appeared at Real Estate - Trend Magazine on 19 June 2022