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Elon Musk JUST REVEALED Tesla VTOL Electric Aircraft!

Jul 28, 2022
Elon Musk JUST REVEALED Tesla VTOL Electric Aircraft!

Elon Musk JUST REVEALED Tesla VTOL Electric Aircraft!
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#ElonMusk has stated that he is “desperate” to extend Tesla’s business beyond automobiles and trucks and construct an electric supersonic plane. The planes would soar to a high height utilizing vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) technology before deploying battery-powered propulsion to achieve speeds of over 1,236 km/h (768mph).

The polymath millionaire claimed that his present workload is the only thing preventing him from developing the next-generation airplane. Mr. Musk is the CEO of two multibillion-dollar firms, SpaceX and #Tesla, as well as Neuralink, a neurotech startup, and The Boring Company, a tunnel-digging company. He is also the father of six children and the co-founder of OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research center.

“I’m so dying to do a supersonic, electric #VTOL jet, but adding more work will make my brain explode,” he tweeted on Thursday, using emojis for the final two words. Mr. Musk has already stated his desire to construct an electric plane during one of his appearances on the Joe Rogan podcast and has previously described a proposal.

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This news story originally appeared at Aviation News - on 28 July 2022