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EVTOL Design Challenge 2022: First prize $300 dollars

Jul 10, 2022
EVTOL Design Challenge 2022: First prize 0 dollars

This video covers the EVTOL challenge details of 2022. The first prize is of $300 dollars. The runner up prize is $200 dollars. The third place will receive $100 dollars.

Please use Energy Density of 200 Wh/kg instead of 180 Wh/kg at pack level.

The challenge is based on meeting EASA Microlight requirements.

Find below the link for a spreadsheet with all the details, including tables, equation and weights of components

For the weight of the airframe, assume uniform thickness material all around with a weight of 1 sq meter area = 1 kg

Aircraft at 1:00 is the EDEA Jay.
For more details check out

Originally published at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCJzTvx0rpY

This news story originally appeared at Aviation News - on 10 July 2022