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Indian BrahMos Cruise Missile Strikes Naval Ships

May 22, 2022

India has tested an anti-ship variant of BrahMos cruise missile, striking and creating large holes in Indian Navy ships. It demonstrates the integrated Network-Centric strike capability, a missile fired without a warhead by INS Delhi guided-missile destroyer. Indian officials stated that the missile was traveling at a speed that air defense systems could not intercept and described the successful test as a “Make in India” initiative.

BrahMos is a supersonic cruise missile designed to be launched on multiple platforms, and can be mounted on warships, mobile launchers, submarines, and aircraft. The missile does not require further guidance after launch until it reaches its target. BrahMos were also fired by Su30-MKI fighter jet that sunk a ship. The live-fire test is a move by Indian government to integrate the missiles into Sukhoi fighter jets to enhance the air defense capabilities of Indian Air Force.


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This news story originally appeared at Aviation News - on 22 May 2022