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Interest Rates DOUBLED to Suppress Toronto Real Estate Prices

Apr 24, 2022
Interest Rates DOUBLED to Suppress Toronto Real Estate Prices

Interest Rates DOUBLED to Suppress Toronto Real Estate Prices

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The Bank of Canada has now officially DOUBLED it’s overnight interest rate and it’s going to suppress the Toronto Real Estate prices. In this episode of PPTV, I’ll be providing you with my take on why this staggering interest rate hike will cause a price slow down for the Toronto Housing Market.

PLUS, I will also be breaking down why you should still stick to a variable mortgage rate product despite this monumental interest rate hike. That’s right – I’m STILL recommending variable rate mortgage products over fixed rate mortgages! Tune in to hear why this is the case.

This is a Public Service Announcement because the banks will certainly be calling you to try to get you to switch from a variable to fixed rate mortgage, so you need to know why it doesn’t make sense to take them up on their seemingly “enticing” offer. I’ll be breaking all of this down for you in this week’s episode of PPTV – I promise you, it’ll be worth it!

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This news story originally appeared at Real Estate - Trend Magazine on 24 April 2022