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Is it possible to restore gas supply from Turkmenistan to Ukraine? at Info-News

Oct 4, 2011

Ukrainian PM Mykola Azarov wants to restore gas supply from Turkmenistan to Ukraine. Today he discussed it with the minister of foreign affairs of Turkmenistan.

Undoubtedly, we are interested in restoring supplies of Turkmen natural gas to Ukraine – via traditional routes, and taking into consideration prospective of construction of Caspian-Black sea pipeline.” – Azarov stated.

He also added, that with the economic growth, Ukraine will be ready to participate financially in this project.


Hmm, interesting, what should it mean? Maybe Ukrainian pro-Russian government with Mykola Azarov and Viktor Yanukovych on top, finally understood that Ukraine has to diversify its natural gas supplies. Maybe they understood, that they cannot be “friends” with Russia, because Russia wants more and more giving nothing in return. If it is so, I’ll be glad.

In my opinion, it’s clear, that Ukraine and other countries and unions such as the EU, have to become more independent concerning gas supplies. There are only 2 possible ways: to diversify gas supplies and/or increase natural gas production within country. Let’s hope that our government will understand that being pro-Russian cannot give all necessary benefits and prosperity to Ukraine, but being patriotic government will bring prosperity and wealth to Ukraine, which will increase it power on international arena.

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Source: Unian.net