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Lightning stops all emails and business transactions for a day

May 9, 2022
Lightning stops all emails and business transactions for a day

The Lightning Protection Institute’s campaign to ensure community safety

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LIBERTYVILLE, IL, UNITED STATES, May 6, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Lightning causes more than structural damage and fires.

One of the most brilliant light shows on earth is lightning. A lightning strike is an atmospheric discharge that releases millions of volts of electricity and can be 5 times hotter than the sun!

When it strikes, lightning can travel through every portion of a building, inside and out. Strikes to a home or business can create fire and damage to the electrical system and the devices connected to that system.

The destruction to that electronic infrastructure can hinder our daily tasks such as emails or result in loss of business due to the inability to swipe a credit card for your customer’s purchase. Tim Harger, Executive Director of the LPI and LPI-IP Program Manager says “Installing a certified lightning protection system is a way to mitigate risks and avoid business interruption.”

Installing a lightning protection system protects MORE THAN the outside of a building or home. A complete lightning protection system, including surge protection, protects the inside components and the electrical infrastructure such as: computers, smart home controls, life sustaining devices, security systems and more.

IT’S CRITICAL. Installing a lightning protection system ensures that your emails and your business are not stopped for a day.

IT’S CRITICAL. The Lightning Protection Institute (LPI) continues their efforts to make the community and businesses aware of the importance of installing a complete lightning protection system to protect themselves, their homes, and their businesses.

See Campaign video/IT’S CRITICAL: https://youtube.com/shorts/ZjpVM_lkobA

Follow the LPI to understand more about how lightning impacts all of us and how lightning protection systems work. Be on the look out for the next announcement involving LPI Members and our communities. For more information on LPI and certified contractors in your community: https://lightning.org/about/find-a-contractor/

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This news story originally appeared at Real Estate - Trend Magazine on 9 May 2022