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MDS Fulfillment Partners with 6RS as the First 3PL in Wisconsin to Deploy Autonomous Picking Robots

Jun 2, 2022

MDS is a major full-service fulfillment and warehousing company providing best in class 3rd party services

MILWAUKEE, WI, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — MDS Fulfillment, a best-in-class 3PL provider based in the Midwest, has partnered with 6 River Systems to implement fully autonomous robotic picking carts as part of a plan to bring their multi-channel fulfillment services to the next level. MDS is a major full-service fulfillment and warehousing company providing 3rd party fulfillment services. Located in Milwaukee, WI, MDS will be the first fulfillment company in the state to deploy these revolutionary robotic carts called CHUCKs.

CHUCK uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud-based software to increase productivity and flexibility throughout the fulfillment process. With the introduction of this technology, MDS plans to exponentially increase output, achieve near-perfect order accuracy, and maximize client satisfaction while continuing company growth and expansion.

MDS Fulfillment specializes in tailored multi-channel e-commerce fulfillment, product distribution, warehousing, and value-add services, including kitting, light assembly, and custom packing solutions. Established in 1972, MDS has grown to fill four warehouses and implementing the latest technology continues to be at the forefront of its business plan.

“We hold ourselves to best-in-class standards,” Ashley Danhauer, Vice President, said. “Which means as a company. We have to be ever evolving and constantly exploring new technologies.”

MDS Fulfillment’s flexible systems simplify connections with client websites and shopping cart applications, closing the gap on manual intervention and providing fully automated system integration. The CHUCKs will provide an added level of automation within MDS warehouses. “With a strong focus on technology and quality, partnering with 6RS to bring further automation into our warehouses was a natural evolution and one that will benefit not only our company and employees but our clients as well,” said Ashley Danhauer, Vice President.

“The use of CHUCKs will allow us to continue to grow with a competitive advantage and are the logical choice given the current labor challenges in our industry. We anticipate a 50% gain in picking efficiency from A.I. improved picking strategies and autonomous carts,” said Brad Felker, President & CEO of MDS Fulfillment. “We see the autonomous picking carts as the best way to meet the growing demand for direct-to-consumer fulfillment while continuing to provide industry-leading services.”

MDS completed the autonomous picking cart integration in March and is fully operational with CHUCKs.

About MDS Fulfillment

MDS Fulfillment is a major full-service fulfillment and warehousing company providing best in class 3rd party services. Established in 1972 and strategically located in Milwaukee, WI and Phoenix, AZ, our warehouse facilities total over 450,000 sq. feet. We specialize in full-service, multi-channel custom e-commerce fulfillment, product distribution, and value-add services, including kitting, subscription box fulfillment, bundling, light assembly, and custom packing solutions.

We believe strongly in utilizing cutting-edge technology to enhance our fulfillment services and client experience. We provide client-tailored reporting and real-time visibility to daily operations via our web-based portal and use a wireless barcode warehouse management system to ensure accuracy. Our flexible systems simplify integration with client websites and are maintained in-house to ensure quick response to update requests and troubleshooting.

Our success stems from decades of detail-oriented, quality-driven processes. As a member of WERC, Warehouse Education Research Council, we hold ourselves to best-in-class standards, measured and reported via a monthly scorecard as part of our six-sigma formal quality program.

We have a strong company culture based on core values of honesty, integrity, and reliability. We understand the importance of partnership, the value of quality, and the commitment needed to secure success.

For more information about MDS Fulfillment, automated picking, and their capabilities, visit www.MDSFulfillment.com.

Ashley Danhauer
MDS Fulfillment, Vice President
+1 414.935.5207
[email protected]

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This news story originally appeared at USA - Euro-News on 2 June 2022