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More than 60 killed in today's police assault in Kyiv

Jun 20, 2014

Today the Yanukovych regime violated yesterday’s cease-fire, and the police assaulted people with fire arms including the sniper rifles. At least 60 people were killed since today’s morning.

The Minister of Interior Vitaliy Zakharchenko said that the police will use weapons against demonstrators, branding them as “extremists”.

During the assault the demonstrators managed to snatch chevron off uniform. As it appeared the chevron depicts Russian Ministry of Interior. If there will be more proof, we can clearly state that there’s Russian direct involvement in massacre in Kyiv.

Moreover, yesterday Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated, that they will use all their influence in order to establish “peace and tranquility” in Ukraine. As it appears, Russia is actively involved in destabilization of situation in Ukraine since the beginning of people’s unrest.

The meeting between President Yanukovych and Foreign Ministers of the EU just finished in Kyiv. There is no addition information about the results of that meeting.

Sources: Ukrainska Pravda | Ukrainska Pravda | Unian | Ministry of Interior of Ukraine


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