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Mr. Azarov: We will buy nothing from Russia at all

Dec 16, 2012

By Proof on 14/10/2012

As reported by Ukrainska Pravda, the Ukrainian PM Mykola Azarov says that Russia risks to lose Ukraine as its biggest gas buyer.

“During the negotiations with our Russian partners we say directly: just think, you’re having a temporary benefit from that treacherous agreement which has been signed in 2009. But it’s only a temporary benefit because you’re losing your biggest gas buyer.” – he said.

“Sooner or later we will refuse to buy things from you with such price.” – said the PM.

“Why do you put us in such a quandary receiving those temporary benefits? You force us to bear with enormous expenditures for exploration and production of our own domestic oil and gas fields, as well as transition to the energy saving technologies.” – said Mr. Azarov.

“It’s, actually, a long overdue measure, but we could do it later avoiding spending our money for this purpose. Sooner or later, we will definitely solve this problem.” – he added.

According to Mr. Azarov, the gas price determines situation of Ukrainian-Russian relations, but if you look at the future of those relations, they have to be determined “for hundred years ahead as good partnership, friendly and it is a strategy for us”.

Source: Ukrainska Pravda