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New Requirements for Passengers Arriving into the US | Travel News

Jun 21, 2022

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Stop right here to learn all about the new requirements for passengers arriving into the US starting January 26, 2021!!!! In this video, I will break down the requirements, my concerns, demonstrating my search for testing sites and giving my recommendations! Watch now to get all the travel news!

NOVEMBER 2021 UPDATE: Learn about the new US travel updates here –

– AFAR Article:
– US State Department Travel Advisory:
– CDC FAQs on New Requirements:
– Bermuda FAQs:
– Turks & Caicos FAQs:
– US Embassy in France:
– US Embassy in Guatemala:

Preview 0:00
Intro 0:15
AFAR Update 1:14
CDC New Requirements 2:14
My Concerns 5:59
Demo of Finding Testing Sites in Four Countries 6:42
Recommendations and Final Thoughts 10:47
Outro 12:53

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This news story originally appeared at Travel News - on 21 June 2022