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Only 13% of Ukrainians remain loyal to Yanukovych

Dec 16, 2012

By Proof on 23/08/2012

images-150x150-1According to the survey conducted by the Razumkov Centre jointly with the Democratic Initiatives Foundation states, that the population support of current President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych decreased in three times. As of today, only 13% of Ukraine’s population support the President (back in May 2010 Viktor Yanukovych had 40% of such support). Meanwhile around 47% of population do not support Mr. Yanukovych at all (23% back in May 2010).

The situation is even worse with Parliament and Government. Only 4% of Ukrainians support the Parliament 7% support the Government. At the same time 54% do not support the Parliament and 48% – the Government.

Source: Censor.net.ua