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Precision Camshafts Share Analysis | Precision Camshafts Share Latest News| Multibagger Stock Review

May 30, 2022

About this Video:
In this video, I am doing an in-depth fundamental analysis of Precision Camshafts Limited in case study form. I am discussing in detail about the history of the company, its business model, products, promoters, milestones, product segments, market, industry, competitors, competitive advantage, growth prospects, risks, financial highlights, latest quarterly results, year on year financial results, balance sheet analysis, profit and loss analysis, cash flow statement, financial ratios, share price valuation, intrinsic value calculation, latest news and announcements, share price and much more. I am sure if you watch this complete video, you will be in a position to decide whether or to invest in this company.


Time Stamps
0:00 – Welcome Message
0:25 – Glossary
1:34 – Industry Analysis
3:02 – Introduction
4:10 – Management
4:31 – History & Key Milestones
5:48 – Business Analysis
11:37 – Competitors Analysis
12:59 – Competitive Strengths
14:13- Management Call Highlights
15:50 – Growth Prospects & Outlook
17:10 – Risks
18:21 – Financials Analysis
21:27 – Share Holding Pattern
21:40 – Valuations
22:49 – Technical Analysis
23:32 – Conclusion

About Me:
I am Varun Agarwal. I am a Chartered Accountant & Serial Entrepreneur. I am a mentor for budding entrepreneurs and investors. Through this channel, I am making an effort to share the maximum knowledge and experience which I can with you all. Join me in my journey of earning through learning by the exchange of knowledge that we all have.

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Precision Camshafts Share Analysis | Precision Camshafts Share Latest News| Multibagger Stock Review

This video is only for educational purposes only. It should not be construed as any stock recommendation or advice. Please consult your financial advisor before making any investment decision. The channel owner will not be responsible for any consequences of your taking actions of investment.

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