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Solar Energy Company on a Mission to Free Families From Their Electricity Bills

May 14, 2022

Preston T. Pennington, CEO

Preston T. Pennington, CEO

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Dallas Based Business Sets Out to Offer Alternative Power and Save Households Hundreds

Now might be one of the best times to invest in solar too. With a federal tax credit lowering the cost of solar panels and installation by 26% available through the end of 2023…”

— Preston T Pennington, CEO

DALLAS, TX, UNITED STATES, May 11, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — With costs of traditional power sources continuing to soar and only around 4% of American homes powered by solar panels according to an article published by CBS News, the country has a long way to go for its residents to experience the savings of solar energy.

EnerG, LLC wants to change that.

EnerG is a new type of solar company that truly believes every building in America can’t afford to miss out on all the benefits of switching to solar energy. By slashing the costs of electricity and giving home and business owners control over their own energy bills, purchasers of solar energy can finally start feeling great about how they power their residency or office with the help of EnerG.

Oftentimes, energy customers feel like they’re being “held hostage” by their power companies with few options to lower their costs or choose how they get their energy. The mission of EnerG is to free homes from the constant bill by working with them to eventually own their own energy company through the use of solar panels… all while lowering their monthly rates.

Already one of the fast-growing solar companies in the United States since starting in 2017, EnerG has enjoyed rapid success thanks in part to the experience of its founder and CEO, Preston T. Pennington. As a philanthropist, digital marketing guru, marketing agency owner, and driver of green initiatives across the country, Pennington’s diverse work history has allowed him to apply a customer-centric leadership style that is helping home and business owners liberate themselves from the pricey electric companies through providing solar energy.

New to the team in October, 2021 is CSO Nathan Vanegas, who’s extensive experience in residential renewable energy has helped in crafting a team of green energy initiative soldiers, whose sole mission is to help property owners make the switch from traditional power to solar.

“The reasons to go solar and buying a home or commercial property are very much the same,” said Pennington. “The reason why you stop renting is that you are tired of throwing away money for a property you don’t own; That is the same reason why you go solar… to stop throwing away money by ‘renting’ your power through the electric company, and to start paying towards something you own, while also lowering your monthly payments. With solar, there is a day you never have a bill again. While your current provider will take a monthly payment until the day you die, adding no value to your property.”

Created with this singular mission in mind, EnerG, LLC wants to educate Americans not just on why solar is the best source of energy, but also on how much it can free them financially. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the cost of traditional, retail electricity increased by 4.3% in 2021, the highest spike in price in nearly a decade. Solar panels help to not only greatly reduce this cost, but lock into a more predictable rate that can protect property owners from the chaotic shifts in regularly-sourced energy prices.

Preston and Nathan believe that going solar might be one of the wisest, long-term financial decisions a home or business owner can make, which they will continue to see the benefits of for years to come.

Now might be one of the best times to invest in solar too. With a federal tax credit lowering the cost of solar panels and installation by 26% available through the end of 2022, those interested in solar energy can start the farewell process with their current electric company while saving an incredible amount of money by going solar.

EnerG wants everyone to know that solar power is available to them. With federal requirements of a 500 FICO credit score and being on the deed or title of the property, 85% of applicants qualify for the tax credit, making it easier than ever to go green, save the environment, and get more green in your pocket too. Some even qualify for zero out-of-pocket installation, meaning all customers have to do is fill out an application to start the process and turn their property into a power-producing powerhouse courtesy of the sun.

The company hopes to be the go-to choice when you decide to make the switch. As an industry leader for years, the company prides itself on its exceptional service that wants to delight customers every step of the way. From getting a quote to final installation, EnerG wants the entire process to be smooth so that home and business owners can feel confident and comfortable they’ve made the right choice.

They also offer a wide range of services that help to ensure that your home or office is ready for solar and getting the most out of their system. Through sun exposure evaluations, solar performance monitoring, and regularly scheduled maintenance, property owners can feel assured that their solar system is worth the initial investment.

Currently serving the entirety of the United States, all it takes is a simple call, email, or application to be in the process of converting your home or property to solar energy.

EnerG is open to installation in your areas today. Start saving serious money and go green by visiting their website: https://www.energ.solar.

About EnerG, LLC.
EnerG’s goal is to free as many property owners as possible from their traditional electric bill through solar power. By providing exceptional service, in-depth customer education, and hassle-free installation, the company wants everyone to feel that sun-provided power is within their reach, and that going green doesn’t have to just feel good for the environment, but also for your wallet.

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