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Swiss Embassy forces Ukrainians to violate the law at Info-News

Oct 4, 2011

In 2011 visa formalities became more stricter for Ukrainians then before, especially it concerns Swiss Embassy to Ukraine. Ukrainians who want to apply for a Swiss visa have to violate the Ukrainian law. Let me explain why.

Together with other documents Swiss Embassy demands Ukrainians to bring their original labor book (it’s a document reflecting person’s work experience, which Ukraine inherited from the USSR). The problem is, that this book is a document of strict accountability, let’s say, you cannot give it to 3rd parties like Embassies, bars, private persons etc. It should be given to the employer only.

Despite of loud statements both from the EU and Ukrainian officials, that Ukraine is on the path to obtain free visa regime, Ukrainians have to violate law of their own country. I understand that Embassies can demand supplemental documents during the visa application, but they have to obey the law of country where they are situated, in this case it’s Ukraine.

I consider such actions as disrespect towards Ukraine and discrimination of my fellow citizens, so I demand strong reaction from the MFA of Ukraine!