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Swoldier Publishing Launches First “Premium Content” Comic Book

Jun 6, 2022

Isolation #1 (Cover A)

First Youtuber to Launch Comic Publisher

There are so many great publishers out there already. I feel our niche is finding well-developed stories and unique creators who, with the right marketing, can impact the comics industry creatively.”

— Regie Simmons (Regie Collects)

WAXHAW, NC, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Regie Simmons, a North Carolina-based marketer, is known broadly in the comic book collecting world by his YouTube and Instagram name: Regie Collects. Simmons recently launched a print publication division of his business, Swoldier Publishing, after the success of a self-published Guide to Smart Comic Collecting book in late 2021.

“During the pandemic, interest in collectibles soared as people were forced to look inward for entertainment and a result the hobby saw a massive influx of new and returning collectors,” said Simmons. “We released the Guide to aid in getting these collectors up to speed with the hobby and with the success of the Guide, I wanted to expand into original comic book creation.”

In July, Swoldier Publishing is releasing its first comic book, Isolation. According to the publication’s website, Isolation is an ongoing mystery series set in multiple time periods that looks at distinct eras of murder in a secretive community.

“As Swoldier Publishing’s first comic book, I felt Isolation was a bold move that represents what we want to be in the marketplace–substantive. We want to tell interesting stories that are complex and feature compelling characters. The artwork by artists Delia Gunderson and Elena Morton has a painted depth to it, reminiscent of illustrated novels. Even the logo and cover artwork are more graphic, inspired by movie posters, more so than traditional comic book covers,” Simmons said.

Simmons description of his new publishing venture is reminiscent of what one might normally think of in the retail marketplace. There are many big box stores that offer a vast array of products to the market, but when a consumer desires something of special quality that isn’t mass produced, they head to a boutique. Simmons considers Swoldier Publishing to be the latter.

“There are so many great larger publishers out there already. I feel our niche is finding well-developed stories and unique creators who, with the right marketing, can impact the comics industry creatively,” said Simmons. “I fully expect to expand and publish more comics, but that will be driven by the quality of the project and the right relationships. I’m not trying to be the next indie publisher that puts out 20 titles a month. I’d rather focus on a small number of premium, high quality comics that will really make readers take notice.”

Pre-sales for Isolation #1 commence June 1. The project is being supported by several local and regional comic retailers including Third Eye Comics (MD/VA), Nirvana Comics Knoxville (TN) and JAF Comics (PA). Retailers are encouraged to visit https://regiecollects.com/isolation for more information.

Doug Bratton
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Doug Bratton
Swoldier Publishing
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This news story originally appeared at Books - Reality Syndicate Viewers on 6 June 2022