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The Grand Podcastors Welcome All to New Group at the Grand Connection

Jun 14, 2022

Grand Podcasters Group Hosted by Joe Matz, Diana Lidstone and Michelle Abraham

Grand Podcasters Group

Grand Podcasters Group

Grand Connection Business Networking Community

Grand Connection Community www.grandconnection.ca

Three Members of the Grand Connection, Joe Matz, Diana Lidstone, and Michelle Abraham, have come together to give back to give back to other entrepreneurs

Podcasting can be a lonely place when you don’t get live feedback and key indicators we have identified for success are community engagement, support and accountability”

— Michelle Abraham

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, June 11, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — There are over 2.8 million podcasts worldwide (according to ListenNotes.com) and small businesses are creating huge success with audiences that are hyper targeted and eager to buy from their trusted podcast host. Three Members of the Grand Connection business community, Joe Matz, Diana Lidstone, and Michelle Abraham, have come together to give back by bringing entrepreneurs their very own podcasting group: The Grand Podcasters. This new group is open to anyone interested in the tips and tricks it takes to put together a successful podcast that boosts business outreach and visibility.

Joe Matz, Business Transformation Gapologist, and host of the Espresso Jams Podcast, approached the founders of the Grand Connection with an idea to start a podcast group, within the larger community. “The Grand Connection is home to a lot of podcasters, has a wide reach and a marketing platform to promote virtual events that makes starting a group much easier than going it alone.” says Matz. Carolyn Cooper McOuatt, co-founder of the Grand Connection and a visionary connector, soon pulled together other members, Diana Lidstone, of Biz G.R.O.W and host of the G+R+O=W Equation Podcast and Michelle Abraham, the Podcast Production Queen. Together, through a collaborative effort of grand giving, these three podcasters know they can help others create more success.

“Having been in the podcasting industry for the last 10 years I have seen the struggles and the successes of new and seasoned podcasters,” says Michelle Abraham. “Podcasting can be a lonely place when you don’t get live feedback and key indicators we have identified for success are community engagement, support and accountability”. This is exactly what the group intends to provide. Members will be supported by having a group in which they can learn and gain further knowledge of all things podcasting and will be a safe place to ask questions, learn about available resources, find guests, and discover guesting opportunities.

Today, there’s a ton of information out there about podcasting but how do we know how to curate that information so we can implement the best of the best?” asks Diana Lidstone. Grand Connection is already a collective & collaborative group full of experts, so it seems that there’s no better place to build a supportive community than within this group! Members of this podcast group will be able to share proven strategies, tips and tricks that have actually gotten results for their own podcast, thus saving time and money for newer podcasters.

Following the same format as other Grand Connection events, each meeting will focus on a themed topic of the month, where guest speakers or knowledgeable members will share their expertise on the subject. The talk is followed by Q&A and breakout rooms, where attendees will be able to discuss what they learned with fellow peers. The very first meeting will be held on Tuesday June 14, 2022 on Zoom and will take place monthly. Everyone is welcome to experience the group. Those who are not members of the Grand Connection can attend two GC meetings for free.

For more information about the group and their hosts, please visit the webpage here: https://grandconnection.ca/jun-14-the-grand-podcasters/

Member Podcasts:

Espresso Jams – Small Business Interviews and Tips Hosted by Joe Matz https://apex-able.com/espresso-jams/

G+R+O=W Equation Podcast Hosted by Diana Lidstone https://dianalidstone.com/blog/podcast/

Amplifyou: Your Uniqueness Is Your Genius Hosted By Michelle Abraham https://amplifyou.captivate.fm

Blissful Parenting By Michelle Abraham https://www.theblissfulparent.com/

The Grand Potential Podcast hosted By Carolyn Cooper McOuatt and Susan Jarema https://grandconnection.ca/category/grand-potential-podcast/

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