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The Los Angeles Times Festival Of Books of 2022 presents Necessary for Jesus: 70 Prophecies 70 Rewards

Apr 30, 2022

Author Helps Christians With Their Financial Investments Through His Book

Old Testament law or not, money is a major reason why Christians neglect tithing. You may not have the money, but you do have time; that could replace the money.”

— Stephen R. Kirkendall

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 29, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Author Stephen R. Kirkendall has published his book titled Necessary for Jesus: 70 Prophecies 70 Rewards. The book is about time equals money replaced by time, and money can replace time. “We must add the whole New Testament truth about tithing, and you have taken away nothing but what you have added is lesson 101 of Christianity. All Jesus has asked for is our time/money to help others. If you have no time or money involved, then it means very little to you! Money is getting harder to find but, there would be so many more people wanting to give their time, and it would be explosive for the Kingdom of God.”

Stephen writes; “It appears to have been hidden for the last two thousand years. What “is” necessary for Jesus? It doesn’t help that a perverted bible used by many currently, has (changed the message, the truth) about God’s honor that “is” necessary for His Son Jesus, our risen savior, and best friend.

“People who did many wonders and cast out demons will be told by Jesus to depart, I know you not, means they are going to hell! They thought they were Christians. How would a non-Christian even think they could get in?

“90% of confessing Christians have been let down by our leaders! With the full truth about God’s honor being so easy, how can we not have one of the biggest explosions for the kingdom of heaven? Will they open their eyes?

“For twenty of those years, I was on a live phone-in Christian radio talk show. We did not screen callers. I had no idea what the questions would be. Here is a good laugh for you. You can now say you know the guy that heard “Steve, they can’t see you nodding your head on live radio!”

“I was also a treasurer for many years with Full Gospel Businessmen. A group that helped bring people from many different denominations together to reach the unsaved. I got to meet everyone.

“1,000’s in those years who came brought their lunch or dinner ticket from me. Not being in ministry or raised in the church, I was not looking through a veil, like pastors and teachers who only deal with their groups. People from many different denominations asked me questions, which at first, I could not give a solid answer.
I could not believe how many people said they didn’t want to ask their group because of their opinions. I don’t blame them as I cannot find one leader who teaches the full N.T. tithing truth. You must read for yourself! All denominations will agree on this!

“The full truth will stop all disagreements about God’s honor, your time/money and will bring us together much stronger!”

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Necessary for Jesus: 70 Prophecies 70 Rewards
Written by: Stephen R. Kirkendall, Jesus’s Wolf Hunter
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