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Aug 13, 2013

If you followed the news on this web-site you would see couple of news entries concerning the so called ‘Language bill’ in Ukraine, which increases the use of Russian language in Ukraine. To all those who are not aware of the situation with the language in Ukraine I want to explain it a bit. So, the official language in Ukraine is Ukrainian, which is quite logical. Other languages are not forbidden in Ukraine.


There is a rumor that Israel could launch military intervention in Iran. At least, the President of Israel Shimon Peres voiced this opinion. Accodring to him, intelligence services of different countries are concerned about the fact, that Tehran can obtain nuclear weapon.

Before this anouncement, large military exercises took place in Israel.


I have found some interesting info on NATO and threats to the world’s stability etc. But here, I’d like to write only about the threat with the name of Russia.

So, here’s the chronology of recent facts of intimidation by Russia, presented by the Strategic Studies Group, Foundation for Liberal Research and Studies in Madrid: