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Throw Away Your Excuses And Turn Your Life Around

Apr 25, 2022

How To Build Up Yourself and Move Forward To Future

“It’s about time we make the well-being of our young people more important than ideology and politics. As a country, we benefit from investing in their future…”—”

— Jane Fonda.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 21, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Author Sun Yong Kim-Manzolini will be one of the featured authors in the upcoming Los Angeles Festival of Books 2022 with her published book titled Invest In Yourself: Throw Away Your Excuses And Turn Your Life Around. A developmental book you need for your future. Investing for yourself, financial, and dream life when you’re older. But it is not an easy mantra as many excuses, challenges, and obstacles will occur. Further, the build-up attitudes you have while growing up and the bad habits you have been practicing, it will be worth a journey.

The book will teach you to stop and avoid all your excuses and change the bad attitude that stuck you from progressing instead of focusing on investing in your life. We need to refresh everything but do not expect health emergencies as it is part of the path. In the end, a satisfying career that makes more money than we ever planned.

Sun Yong Kim-Manzolini was born in Korea. Her mother died at a young age while giving birth to a newborn baby, and their father decided to split the family and brought them to an orphanage. Ms. Sun Yong Kim-Manzolini grew up remembering the name of her sister. She was adopted by an American family when she was a teenager. She graduated as a certified medical assistant and worked for thirty-three years in the medical field. An entrepreneur, founder, and owner of a daycare center that helps our senior population to have a better life and future through restorative therapy.

Invest In Yourself: Throw Away Your Excuses And Turn Your Life Around
Written by: Sun Yong Kim-Manzolini
Book copies are available at www.investinyourselfbook.com.

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