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Top 10 Mediterranean Destinations | Europe Travel Video

Apr 28, 2022

These are 10 Mediterranean destinations if you’re planning to visit Europe soon.

When you think of the Mediterranean, you probably imagine sparkling turquoise seas and long coastlines of white sand in glorious sunlight. However, the Mediterranean is much more than beautiful waters, beaches, and sunshine.

So this is my top 10 Mediterranean destinations

(0:00) you should visit the Mediterranean
(0:20) delightful destination in Malta
(0:51) picturesque villages in Greece
(1:19) overlook city of Montenegro
(1:53) fishing villages on the Italian Riviera
(2:17) the ancient city in Croatia
(2:47) a gorgeous island in Spain
(3:27) beautiful coastline in France
(3:59) open-air museum in Turkey
(4:39) iconic casino in Monaco
(5:11) good place to live in Tunisia
(5:45) visit the Mediterranean

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