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Ukrainian army to include new weaponry into service

Aug 13, 2013

su-27sm_0-219 new and upgraded pieces of weaponry and armored vehicles are to be included into Ukraine’s Army inventory, said Deputy Minister and the Chief of Office of the Ministry of Defense Volodymyr Mozharovsky.

“Being provided with a reasonable funding it is planned to put 19 new pieces of weaponry into service.” – Deputy Minister said.

He mentioned the main pieces of military equipment are to be: Stugna-p mobile anti-tank missile system, thermal weapon sight, upgraded SU-27SM1 fighter aircraft, tactical unmanned aerial complex Battlefield aimed at scouting the enemy territory in real-time.

He added that this is a part of national program of economy activation for 2013-2014. Besides, State Financial Inspection of Ukraine is to check current accountability and status of surplus resources of Ukraine’s Armed Forces. Also, the think-through of reform plans of Defense Ministry’s enterprises is almost completed.     

Source: Defense and security policy center