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UkrOboronProm delivered two armored boats to foreign customer

Dec 22, 2013

Konan 750BR small armored boat designed by State Enterprise “Skloplastyk” (Feodosiya, Ukraine). The body of boat is made of composite materials. Having the length of 7,5 m and width of 2,7 m the boat benefits from full armor protection. In particular, the cockpit has the bulletproof windows which can withstand 7,62 mm bullet hits from 10 meters distance. The blocks made of buoyancy foam ensure unsinkability of the boat.

Unlike its foreign equivalents, Konan 750BR has increased seaworthiness, better armor and better speed. The maximum speed is 40 knots, what is higher than its foreign equivalents. At the same time the fuel consumption is around 40 liters per hour – several times less than other boats of its class.

The boat is armed with 12,7 mm machine gun and has modern navigation system.

The first two Konan 750BR boats were made on order of one of the African countries. They have successfully completed the sea tests and were shipped to the customer.

Source: Defense and Security Policy Center


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