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Yuriy Lutsenko is out of prison

Aug 13, 2013

yuriy20lutsenko_0On 7th of April Former Minister of Interior of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko was freed from Mensk Correctional Facility No 91 (city of Mena, Chernihiv region).

This decision was taken by the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych following the request of Ukrainian Parliamentary Commissioner for Human Rights Valeriya Lutkovska to grant pardon to Yuriy Lutsneko.

I do not want to speculate on the possible reason why President Yanukovych decided to pardon Yuriy Lutsenko, but I’m sure that this step was considered because of number of reasons:

– Yuriy Lutsenko’s health wasn’t in its best shape and much deteriorated while in prison; – Yuriy Lutsenko served most of his sentence;

– The fact, that Yuriy Lutsneko is out of prison was regarded as a step forward to signature of Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine during Eastern Partnership Summit this November in Vilnus (Lithuania).

However, some experts believe that this step will bring discord to the opposition camp. Personally, I do not think so due to several reasons. First of all in the interview to TVI channel Yuriy Lutsenko said that he doesn’t intend to become 4th opposition leader, secondly, I do believe that Lutsenko grew pretty much as a politician and he doesn’t see having deputy seat or opposition leadership as the aim itself, now he thinks in broader dimensions.

Source: Ukrainian Ombudsman’s Office, 5 Channel, Ukrainska Pravda